Creating a New Note Type

To create a new type of note for your clinic, click on the Create Note Type button. 

Step 1: Enter a name for the new type of note

  • The name must be unique and cannot have been used before in your clinic

Step 2: Select if you would like the note to contain a text area

Step 3: Select if you would like the note type to allow documents to be attached

Step 4: Select if you would like the note type to be able to be locked and signed

Step 5: Add input fields by selecting Add Input

The Input fields section of a note type can be modified in many ways, including:

  • Changing the field type
  • Changing the input field name 
  • Reordering or deleting an input field
  • Adding or modifying available options for a single selection or multiple selection field types
  • Selecting an input field as required

At any point when creating a new note type, you can preview the note type by clicking on Preview, and this will open a new window with an interactive preview of the note type. 

When you are satisfied with your new Note type, click Save. This will make the note type available to all Therapists and Admins in your clinic.  

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